Our Fat Bike Tour in Mauritius

A nature activity in the area of Wolmar, Flic en Flac

Experience the Fat Bike during your stay in Mauritius with DunienZîl. Enjoy a beautiful ride in the Wolmar hunting grounds, located on the West coast, in Flic en Flac. Far from the popular tourist spots and the postcard cliché of Mauritius, widely diffused in the media, you will discover a complete change of scenery at the heart of this preserved nature. Nature lovers will be delighted by our Fat Bikes. Pedalling on the sandy trails in the middle of this private Wolmar lands in the middle of nature will leave no one unmoved.

Ballade en Fat Bike Ile Maurice

An excursion in the heart of nature

Discovering the Fauna and the Mauritian Flora

In the Domain of Wolmar, more than 5000 Java deer live on 700 hectares of land (one hectare is 10,000 square meters). This species was introduced in Mauritius in 1639 by the Dutch, the first colonizers of Mauritius.

The herd that roams freely in their natural habitat and comes to feed on fresh herbs a few meters away from you, is composed of male deer with their big horns, doe, fawn and adolescent males that are called ‘daguets’ for their short horns.

Fewer and therefore more difficult to meet during your ride, are wild boars, called brown pigs in Mauritius.

Your guide knows the place well and will do everything possible for you to meet them. On the other hand, you will have all the leisure to observe birds, lizards and bats.

On the estate exists an endangered trade, the production of artisanal coal, transmitted from one generation to the other. Unfortunately the coal producer is not always present, but with a little luck, you will be able to meet him and discover this endangered profession.

 Our passionate guides will tell you the history of the estate, open to hunting for 4 months of the year, and the reason for the introduction of Java deer and their importance for Mauritius.

8:30 to 13:00

1 to 14 personnes

With lunch:
RS 2,980 ≃ 73 €

Without lunch:
RS 2,650 ≃ 66 €

Discover the Wolmar domain with DunienZîl

Infos pratiques

Departure:At the Domaine de Wolmar at 8:30
Arrival: Excursion with lunch – At Domaine de Wolmar at 13:00 (for a minimum of 6 people)

Arrival: Excursion without lunch – At the Wolmar Domain at 11:30

To bring with you: good sports shoes, sunglasses, raincoat and sunscreen.

Will be provided: Private guide, water, juice, light snack, safety helmet, child seat on request.

Lunch: Those who have opted for the ‘lunch included’ option will enjoy typical ‘Creole’ dishes (rice, deer or chicken curry, lentils, chutney, ice cream and coffee).

Note: Several stops are planned throughout the course to allow you to rest, to adjust your equipment, or to make beautiful pictures. A stop of 10 to15 minutes is planned midway to refresh and quench your thirst.

Excursion Prices : Rs 2,980 (with lunch) ≃ 73 euros – Rs 2,650 (without lunch) ≃ 66 Euros

Join us for an unforgettable experience


In case of torrential rain, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. However, in case you wish to cancel or postpone your trip to a later date,

you have three alternatives:

48 hours notice = free
24 hours notice = 50% of the price of the ride will have to be paid
same day = non-refundable

Once the trip has started, it cannot be reimbursed in case of bad weather. However, we will do our best to adapt to the situation in order to make the course as pleasant as possible. (It is important to have a raincoat).


Photos of your trip in Mauritius will be available on a CD at Rs 800.

To make the ride in good conditions, children will have to be more than 1.47m high and know how to ride a classic bike.


A Fat Bike Tour in the Wolmar Estate

The fat bike is a mountain bike whose very wide tires (from 4 to 4.5 inches (± 12cms) as compared to 1.8 to 2.4 inches for traditional mountain bikes) provides an unbeatable grip and comfort on accidental and difficult terrain. It allows you to ride in the sand, mountain paths, trails and forests safely.

The intermediate ride (amateur sportsmen)

Accessible to all, the practice of Fat Bike simply requires  a minimum physical condition. The Fat Bike is a very comfortable and safe bike with an excellent handling, thanks to its big wheels. The Fat Bike is Ideal for those who want to have a useful as well as agreeable journey driving their bike over these 700 hectares while enjoying the scenery and the presence of animals that inhabit the area. Breaks are planned throughout the course to refuel and refresh. Ready for a guided tour?

An electric-bike ride is also possible on request