Terrestrial Activity

Terrestrial Activity

Laurent and I have decided to make this family blog in order to make you discover our beautiful Mauritius through excursions and activities with your children. As Mauritians, lovers of our island and parents of two young children, we believe that the story of our family experiences will be useful for holidaymakers arriving in Mauritius or, planning to come on holiday in Mauritius, just like Mauritians in search of exotic adventures.

The unusual activities and excursions in the middle of nature in Mauritius are numerous and the ones we have selected are most interesting discoveries of the real Mauritius, of the authentic Mauritius.

Of course, Mauritius is best known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, its turquoise lagoon and its coconut trees that adorn our beaches. But Mauritius is much richer than that. Its history and its culture make it a magnificent country in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

There is a great choice of land-based activities to do during your holidays, a great choice of family excursions, beautiful places to discover and learn more about our history and culture. I invite you to explore this thousand-faceted island but it is important to choose the right service provider so as not to be disappointed.

Our blog will allow you to better organize happy moments with your family.

In these articles we describe what we think are the best off-beaten track Nature Activities that you can do with young children in Mauritius so as to live a unique authentic experience with them.

The climb of the mountain of Trois Mamelles that cumulates to 629 meters is on the west coast of Mauritius. There are two options for this excursion, the moderate difficulty course and the higher and more technical one. We have obviously opted for the first one, which can still be difficult for young people. Fortunately, our youngest son, six years old and already a great sportsman, often accompanies us during our various hikes. So he’s physically ready for this great family adventure. 

The climb of the central peak is done by free hand, in two separate parts: first by a path that goes up in bushy undergrowth that leads directly to the Col de la Fenetre (Window pass) after less than an hour of walking. The second part is more steep so more difficult. The falls of the East and West slopes of the rock become more and more impressive as we approach the summit. Throughout the course, the scenery is truly enchanting. Wild and lush, this nature is exceptionally beautiful and captivating. At the summit we had a break for lunch and to take pictures. From there you have a superb panoramic view of the Corps de Garde mountain and the Moka Range, and further south you can admire the famous Morne mountain. The Yemen plain, yellowed by the bright sun, is an interesting contrast to the verdant nature of the valleys.

The ascent of this mountain has been a wonderful adventure with the family and we recommend it to all those who want to discover Mauritius in an original manner.

A walk in the Gorges de la Rivière-Noire, a protected natural park, is a green adventure to experience at all costs with children. This immersion in the luxuriant nature has allowed us to re centre despite the whirl of daily concerns. On this occasion we were able to observe some endemic birds in their natural habitat, such as the kestrel falcon which, in the 70s, was one of the rarest birds in the world, with only four species known. We also met the Gros Cateau Vert , bird with beautiful green plumage is a subspecies of the Parakeet and is the last representative of the endemic parrots of the Mascareignes.

The children did not resist the call of nature and they made a beautiful collection of tree leaves of all shapes and colours. We completed our family excursion with a swim in the river.

This is certainly a valuable experience to have with the family.

According to us, the best activities and excursions to do in Mauritius off the beaten path.

When you visit a country for the first time it may not be easy to know in advance what are the best activities to do, the best places to visit and the best points of interest you should not miss. So we’ve done some research, have effected a number of visits, experienced some of the most interesting activities, and we summarize our findings thus:

Mauritius is a multicultural country, so you will have ample opportunity to discover how traditions from Europe, Asia and Africa are perpetuated in mutual respect. The various cultural and religious activities throughout the year, the visit of museums, the discovery of the local cuisine, are interesting opportunities that will enable you understand what the Mauritian heritage consists of.

Mauritius is a multicultural country, so you will have ample opportunity to discover how traditions from Europe, Asia and Africa are perpetuated in mutual respect. The various cultural and religious activities throughout the year, the visit of museums, the discovery of the local cuisine, are interesting opportunities that will enable you understand what the Mauritian heritage consists of :

  • Discover forests, villages, mountains, waterfalls, natural sites and botanical gardens on foot or by electric bicycle. DunienZîl will accompany you through your search for authenticity, history and Mauritian culture.

Each region of our wonderful Mauritius is different according to its landscape and its themes. Thus, you have the choice between ‘green tourism’ to explore our fauna and flora of remote places in Mauritius and ‘cultural tourism’ that will bring you to our numerous historical sites. We have selected and tested the following activities which we strongly recommend.

  • A guided tour of our capital, its ‘Bazaar’, its traditional architecture, and the inevitable ‘Street Art’ through the picturesque streets of Port Louis .

We, ourselves, made this memorable experience as we strolled with the children in the streets of china town in Port Louis, a district full of history. The old shops with wooden counters, filled with bric-à-brac, where Chinese food meets cheap accessories, are to be seen absolutely. We also advise you to taste typical dishes sold in the street.

  • In contrast to Port Louis, we advise you to visit the city of Mahébourg and its naval museum in the south of Mauritius. This museum is installed in the house that was transformed into a military hospital following the bloody battle of Grand-Port which took place a few kilometers from Mahébourg in 1810. This is the place where the two protagonist captains, Nesbit Willoughby and Guy-Victor Duperré were treated side by side. Further on along the coast you will visit the place where the first Dutch colonisers settled in 1638. A museum on site reminds us of what life was like in those ancient times.

This region, full of history, can be visited by your own means of locomotion or, alternatively, by joining an electrically assisted bicycle guided tour.

  • The highly visible cultural heritage in such flagship cities as Port-Louis and its picturesque neighbourhoods is also present in places of worship such as the tomb of the blessed Father Laval in Abercrombie or the Ganga Talao in Grand Bassin. DunienZîl offers guided tours.
  • Visit historic buildings across the island, that reflect  Mauritius old-fashioned charm.
  • Experience “food tasting” at the Port-Louis market and in the streets of different cities on the island. A tasty experience to discover Mauritian cuisine when the activities of the day have opened your appetite!
  • Discover an original industry, the production of tea in Mauritius. We had a family educational visit to the Domaine de Bois Chéri to learn about the production of tea. First, we made a stop in the tea fields where the pickers showed us their technique to cut the leaves. Then, we took a guided tour to learn about the manufacturing process and, finally, went for a nice cup of tea at the panoramic restaurant of the estate while the children fed the tamed deer in the surrounding fields. For lunch we enjoyed a chicken cooked with tea, the specialty of their restaurant.


We were delighted by the visit and we recommend it to those who want to do an original family activity during your holidays in Mauritius.

  • Experience electric bikes at Casela or on the many excursions and guided tours around the island. For more details visit the site ………

There is also a multitude of sports, extreme, and underwater activities that you can do during your holidays in Mauritius. They will be presented to you shortly after we have tested them for you.

What to have in your suitcases for your vacation in Mauritius

The essentials in your suitcase on coming on holiday in Mauritius: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, hat or cap, jerseys, t-shirts, sneakers, footwear to go in the sea, good quality lycras to protect children from the sun, sunglasses, kway and other rain protection clothing.