Mauritius has a wild and unspoilt nature that holds beautiful surprises to those who venture there. Opened to the general public, it deserves to be explored. DunienZîl opens the doors of a private domain on the west coast, in Wolmar, for an exclusive family bike ride. This nature reserve being open to deer hunting from June to September, bike rides unfortunately can only be done outside this period.

In the north of Mauritius, a whole new experience awaits you during this new excursion by bike with the family. The carefully chosen itinerary off public roads, will take you on dirt tracks in the middle of sugar cane fields; a real pleasant off-road ride. One of our Mauritian guides will tell you the story of this former sugar factory of Saint Antoine as you pass by.

Immerse yourself in the history of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, by joining our on-foot stroll specifically adapted to children. Accompanied by one of our guides, you and your tribe will discover the picturesque streets of China Town with its extraordinary diversity of the Mauritian culture, its preserved wooden houses of typical colorful architecture, and where you will find the old crafts and experience Street Food on the busy streets of Port-Louis.

Our activities to do as a family

Guided tours

You are soon travelling to Mauritius for a family vacation. To please all family members during your stay in Mauritius, choose fun, informative and entertaining activities specially adapted for children. The bike rides (electric bike, classic mountain bike and fat bike) meet these three criteria and remain the best way to discover Mauritius, its fauna and flora in a nature reserve, while doing a sport.

You may also enjoy a well structured and secure itinerary to go meet the inhabitants of typical villages of Mauritius. They will be delighted to share their experiences with the family, and will give you the opportunity to discover the Mauritian hospitality.

You may prefer a walk in Port-Louis to discover traditional crafts, local souvenirs, as well as the famous street food. Do not miss the visit of the Port Louis market and China Town.

DunienZîl offers many other family excursions, where young and old will have unforgettable moments. The three excursions that we propose below are very different from the ones generally proposed by the tourist agencies, and are absolutely necessary during your holidays in Mauritius.