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Discover authentic Mauritius with DunienZîl Ecotourism Excursions

DunienZîl is a Mauritian family owned and operated business privileged to share with you some of the most beautiful and off the beaten track places in Mauritius.

DunienZîl prides itself in offering professionally guided tours, on foot or by bike, while respecting the environment and local culture.

History and nature lovers alike will discover the many facets of the paradise island that is Mauritius.

History and nature lovers alike will discover the many facets of the paradise island that is Mauritius.

DunienZîl will be your guide for unusual and authentic outings

What better way to discover the authentic Mauritius other than to ride an electric bike, at your own pace, through the villages and country-side of the island accompanied by one of the professional guides of DunienZîl?

All our tours are within easy reach to one and all, thanks to the integrated electric motor of our bikes, the only limit is your sense of adventure! DunienZîl carefully plans and supervises every electric bike tour and ensures its safety vehicle is present.

DunienZîl revises its excursions regularly in order to adapt to the needs of its clientele. Thus, all our tours offer a half day or full day visit to enable you to enjoy lunch at a local, or at carefully selected typical Mauritian sites for more authenticity. .

Whether you choose a tour of the north, south, east or west of Mauritius, you will be immediately charmed by the breath taking landscapes, turquoise sea, untouched beaches of white sand, imposing cliffs and stunning waterfalls. You will meet the locals, discover Mauritian culture and hospitality, taste delicious local flavours and be amazed by the history of our nation.

Depending on your choice of electric-assisted bike tour, you will have the opportunity to :

  • cook your meal with Mala, a resident of the village of Souillac
  • discover traditional Mauritian trades, now endangered, like that practised by Poc, one of the last marine carpenters, who runs a small business in Grand Port specialising the wooden canoe
  • visit Mauritius must-be-seen-to-be-believed places such as the Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel
  • enjoy rum-tasting visit at the Rhumerie of Chamarel
  • let yourself be charmed by the beauty of beaches of Mauritius while cycling along the Morne Coast
  • experience the Gris Gris Cliffs and Le Souffleur of the South Coast
  • explore the flora and fauna of Mauritius on the private property of Yemen (Black River District)
  • discover Java deer in a nature reserve
    wonder over colonial Mauritius, the national botanic garden and the sugar cane industry during our Pamplemousses Tour

These magical excursions, under the close supervision of, and commented by, our professional guides, are not to be missed during your stay in Mauritius.

Let us tell you more about Moris ! (Mauritius)

Enjoy a unique wilderness experience in Wolmar’s private estate, near Flic-en Flac, called “Chassé de Wolmar” where deer, monkeys and wild boars roam freely.

This guided tour in the West of Mauritius, is particularly suited for our Fat Bike as it will enable you to ride off the beaten track, and go closer to the animals and discover their natural habitat.

During your holidays in Mauritius, far from the popular tourist sites and the crowded beaches, you will be immersed in a natural and green environment. You will also have the opportunity to discover bees at work in their hives and observe an open-air coal factory, a trade that is part of the ancestral heritage of Mauritius. We guarantee you a real change of scenery during your visit on the island.

Thanks to its oversized wheels, the Fat Bike provides the best way to circulate in an optimal comfort on the sandy paths and allows you to observe endemic plants all along your way in complete safety.

​Want to know what child-friendly activities we offer during your holiday in Mauritius? What toddler-friendly activities we offer outdoors?

Having 2 young children ourselves, we are in perpetual search of activities best-suited to families during our holidays. So, DunienZîl has developed a number of excursions with the family in mind.

You and your family will be accompanied by one of our professional tour guides on a fun-filled escape on our beautiful island. On this exotic adventure trail, you will discover cultural heritage of Mauritius.

Our family tours are within easy reach to one and all! DunienZîl carefully plans and supervises every tour to ensure the safety of our guests.

In a number of our tours we can welcome riders as young as 5 years old and they will be provided with classic VTT’s. Parents and children over 10 or 1m40 high will have the choice of classic mountain bike, electric or fat bike. Baby seats can also be attached to the parent’s bike, so, even our youngest guests don’t miss out of the adventure.

For your first experience of family activity with our electric bikes we suggest a Mauritian-style safari at a nature reserve to observe deer, monkeys and wild boar and even enjoy home-stay prepared local delicacies. Does this sound tempting?

Want to know what to do or see in Port Louis? Where to go or visit in our nation’s capital? What about joining us for a tour of Port-Louis on foot?

During your stay in Mauritius DunienZîl invites you on an on-foot adventure to discover the picturesque streets of Port Louis. You will be immersed in authenticity and colour as you visit the Port Louis Market, better known as the ‘bazaar’, and, with compliments of Food Tasting.

You will have the opportunity to taste the culinary specialities of the 5 continents as well as typical Mauritian dishes. A trip to admire Street Art in the narrow streets of Port Louis and China Town is a real pleasure for photo lovers.

Note to lovers of culture in search of authenticity: this tour is an extraordinary getaway to the heart of our nation’s capital, the historic city centre of Mauritius.

We are the d’Unienville family, better known as the DunienZîl and 100% Mauritian.
Discover our travel blog and our adventures in Mauritius and around the world as a family.

DunienZîl has introduced a bike hire service to serve you better.

You can choose to hire classic mountain bike (VTT), electric mountain bike or fat bike. For children, we offer classic mountain bike hire adapted to their age. Experience the freedom of pedalling and walking through villages and other must-see places whilst enjoying the warm welcome of the inhabitants of our island paradise.

On request, we can even deliver hire-bikes to your hotel.