A wild and authentic coast of the past centuries

An excursion off the beaten track

How about discovering Mauritius in its most authentic way? DunienZîl invites you to live a unique adventure, in search of the real ‘Moris’ (Mauritius). At the enjoyable pace of power-assisted cycling, let’s get away from clichés and popular tourist activities to better explore the hidden face of Mauritius. Let’s go through the undergrowth to get in touch with Mauritian artisans, fishermen and village inhabitants. Let’s stop at the locals in the village of Souillac to cook and taste the Mauritian culinary specialties.

Let’s take the coast road accompanied by the song of the waves to discover magnificent panoramas of the South coast of Mauritius.  There is no longer any train on the island, so come and discover what has become of this old train station in Souillac.

More than an electric bike ride, it’s a true immersion in the Mauritian authenticity, far from the classical tourist circuits. We invite you to live, in conviviality and simplicity, real unforgettable moments discovering  the treasures of our Mauritius Island.



An activity accessible to all, a unique guided tour of its kind.

The guided electric bike tour starts from the Place du Moulin in Bel Ombre on this magnificent road lined with coconut trees. We will first take the direction of Baie du Jacotet where you will discover the stories of pirates and their treasures. Then, we will head towards the village of Rivière des Galets, a unique place in Mauritius with its black pebbled beach, very different from all other beaches around Mauritius made up of fine white sand. Then we will discover the Batelage of the Grande Rivière Sud-Est, the old port of Souillac. We will visit other historical places of the Mauritian heritage such as the charming Telfair Garden, the magistracy and its colonial building, and the remains of the former railway station of Souillac in Mauritius.

Next, we will drive to the cliffs of Gris-Gris to see “La Roche Qui Pleure”.  This part of the coast is not surrounded by coral reefs and the waves break on the cliffs with incredible strength. It’s very impressive, especially at high tide. La Roche Qui Pleure so called because the continuous beating of the waves against its flank gives the impression that the rock is weeping.

On the way back, we will be ‘homestay’ at Mala who will be delighted to welcome you and prepare delicious local dishes. You will thus have the rare opportunity to share a local recipe with her, and learn about the daily life of a Mauritian family in a remote village. It is always a great moment of generosity and human warmth.

 We will take the road again, passing St Felix, towards the public beach of Riambel where you will have a photo break near the sea. We will continue our journey to the sugar factory of Bel Ombre where will end this great adventure with your electric bike, an excursion that will remain etched in your memory.

Throughout the tour, your guide will make various stops at strategic points to make you enjoy the history or anecdotes of the south coast of Mauritius and apreciate a moment of relaxation.

Optional on request: Rochester Falls.

For a group of at least 10 people, we offer an immersion in the luxuriant nature followed by a refreshing swim at the magnificent Rochester Falls located between the village of Souillac and Suriname. Situated at more than 150 meters above the sea level this is one of the most beautiful, if not the largest, waterfalls in Mauritius. The Rochester Falls is also known for its peculiar cliffs: blocks of stones that have been cut in almost rectangular shapes by erosion over time.

 Think about providing a bathing suit and bath towel.

8:30 to 15:00

1 to 14 persons

Full day:
€ 80

Discover the Souillac ride with DunienZîl

Practical information

A safety vehicle will accompany tours of more than four persons, and our qualified Mauritian guides will comment on the strategic places you will visit and allow you sufficient time to admire the beautiful landscapes along your route.

Starting point of the Souillac walk:The “Place du Moulin” at Bel Ombre, at 8:30

Arrival point of the Souillac walk:The “Place du Moulin” in Bel Ombre, at 2.30 pm – 3.00 pm

Duration:Approximately 6 hours.

To be provided by you:Sports shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses, raincoat, anti-mosquito, cap.

Will be provided:Bicycles, safety helmets, safety vehicle (for more than 4 persons), professional guides, homestay lunch (starter – main course – dessert), water, juice, light snack.

You will have the opportunity to buy local souvenirs. Bring some cash as credit cards cannot be used.

At lunchtime, around noon, you will enjoy delicious local vegetarian specialties. ‘In good manzémauricien’

Price: € 80

Balade a vélo


domestic menus


In case of torrential rain, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. However, in case you wish to cancel or postpone your trip to a later date,

you have three alternatives:

48 hours notice : free
24 hours notice : payable and non-refundable
same day : payable and non-refundable

Once the trip has started, it cannot be reimbursed in case of bad weather. However, we will do our best to adapt to the situation in order to make the course as pleasant as possible. (It is important to have a raincoat).


Photos of your trip in Mauritius will be available on a CD at Rs 800.

To make the ride in good conditions, children will have to be more than 1.47m high and know how to ride a classic bike.



"Nef passes by, I am the lighthouse that remains ...", Robert-Edward Hart. *In the Middle Ages Nef was a big sailing boat.

Souillac is a small village of about six thousand inhabitants, on the south coast of Mauritius. The estuary of the Savanne River, long and deep, without the coral reef, allowed the boats to dock very close to the ground.

François de Souillac built this port, named Batelage, mainly for the defence of this region and for trade, Mauritius being an unavoidable stop for vessels on their way to India. Under the British occupation, It became the most active port, especially used for the transport of sugar. Today, fishermen, farmers and artisans animate this charming picturesque site.

The wild beauty of Souillac is principally due to its remoteness from the hectic life of the big cities, to its preserved nature, to the famous cliffs of Gris-Gris carved by the erosion and against which come to break the waves in a perpetual movement.

The spectacular “Rock Who Weeps” and the surrounding vegetation endangered by the furious sea have, without a doubt, nourished the imagination of the poet Robert-Edward Hart, an invitation to set sails, as he named his house “La Nef”. His grave can be visited at the marine cemetery of Souillac.