Our trekking tours of Port Louis

Culinary and historical activity in Port Louis by foot

Wondering what to do during your holiday in Mauritius? DunienZîl has exactly what you need! Do you already know the lagoons and dream beaches of Mauritius? A desire for local culture? How about discovering the urban environment of Mauritius? In the heart of the picturesque districts of Port-Louis, an experience through the very exotic capital will surprise you. It’s an exceptional opportunity to discover Mauritius and its inhabitants differently from the usual tourist setting and discover authentic and living places.

What could be better than a guided walking tour in Port-Louis, a charming melting pot of Mauritian cultures that coexist in a remarkable architectural and cultural blend? This personalized activity will satisfy history lovers who are looking for historical, cultural and culinary treasures of our capital. Go on an adventure with us and explore the cobblestone streets of Port-Louis, guided by someone passionate about his country and its history, who will be pleased to share his knowledge with you.

balade a pied à port louis

A guided excursion to explore Mauritius off the tourist trails, and to discover the authentic, cultural and historical Mauritius.

On the road from quarantine to Apravasi Ghat:

To start this pedestrian tour, discover on the port of Port-Louis, near the Caudan Water Front, the landing place of the first Indian immigrants and the exceptional route of some of them. This cultural site is free and allows you to understand the period of slavery which was part of the history of Mauritius. This museum is very well documented and the stone building whispers the secrets of this period.

The spirit of the great outdoor bazaar: the streets of Port-Louis

The street vendors and their stalls encroach on the sidewalks and offer, at unbeatable prices, a whole range of products essential for our daily comfort. Discover the real Mauritius during this unique walking tour in Mauritius.

The magnificent market of Port-Louis, authentic lung of the old city:

An explosion of colors, aromas, a joyful crowd in the largest and busiest market in Mauritius. There is a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, souvenirs of all kinds, textile products and a wide area dedicated to street food. It is certainly the meeting place that is most frequented by the Mauritian population that symbolizes, without doubt, all the authenticity and diversity of the Mauritian nation. Here we find all the Mauritian folklore concentrated.

The typical Mauritian ‘Street Art’ with colorful accents:

The preservation of the Mauritian heritage passes through art and gives life and soul to the streets of Port Louis and the streets of China Town. You have to walk and dare to venture into these narrow streets of Port-Louis lined with beautifully decorated facades. You will discover a Mauritius out of time.

The street food of Port-Louis & China-Town:

Many stops will be proposed to allow you to taste the best Mauritian specialities of different origins, the fruit of the blending of our different cultures. A great experience to live during your holidays in Mauritius.

At random from the streets or in the markets, small caravans serve the Mauritians who leave work for lunch on the go. Merchant selling “Roti” (or faratas), samosas, noodles, Chinese specialities (meatballs, pow…), briani, alouda (milk-based drink), are so many tasty Mauritian specialities that you won’t have enough of a day to taste them all!

China Town under the sign of the dragon:

The charming cobbled streets of the old Chinatown have hidden treasures that you will discover during this hiking tour in Port-Louis: pharmacies with their old wooden counter of the time, a small pagoda nestled at the back of a yard, hardware stores filled with various objects, the Chinese Immigration Museum and even a fortune teller!!!

The historical sites of Port-Louis:

Stroll through the “Place d’Armes” and look up at the last colonial wooden houses, hidden under the foliage of century-old mango trees. Admire the facade of the oldest theatre in the Southern Hemisphere, a baroque jewel being restored, not to mention the splendid Jhumah Mosque, which can only be seen from the outside, with its old circular balcony and its pointed door.

8:30 to 13:00

4 to 14 persons

€ 50 per adult
(including tastings)

€ 25 per child
of less than 10 years

​A minimum of 4 people is required for this trip.
If this is not the case for the desired date, you will be proposed another date.

Discover Port-louis with DunienZîl


The starting point of the Port-Louis walk: At the Caudan Waterfront at 9:00 am

The arrival point for the Port-Louis walk: At the Caudan Waterfront at 13:00

Public rate: € 50 per adult (including tastings)
€ 25 per child under 10 years old.

To plan: Sunscreen, a cap and one liter of water.

Will be provided: Professional guides, culinary tasting of Mauritian specialities throughout the walk that will serve as lunch. You will have the option to buy small local souvenirs, bring money as the credit card cannot be used.

Join us for an unforgettable experience

​A minimum of 4 people is required for this trip.
If this is not the case for the desired date, you will be proposed another date.


In case of torrential rain, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. However, in case you wish to cancel or postpone your trip to a later date,

you have three alternatives:

48 hours notice : free
24 hours notice : payable and non-refundable
same day : payable and non-refundable

Once the trip has started, it cannot be reimbursed in case of bad weather. However, we will do our best to adapt to the situation in order to make the course as pleasant as possible. (It is important to have a raincoat).


Photos of your trip in Mauritius will be available on a CD at Rs 800.

To make the ride in good conditions, children will have to be more than 1.47m high and know how to ride a classic bike.


​A minimum of 4 people is required for this trip.
If this is not the case for the desired date, you will be proposed another date.