The best things to do in le Morne, Mauritius

Lovers of water sports, bike riding and deep-sea fishing flock to Le Morne to live an unforgettable holiday in Mauritius island with family or friends. Swept by the south-west wind of Mauritius, Le Morne Brabant is a small village that stands out for its spectacular basalt rock peak, dotted with caves. This ancient refuge of fugitive slaves dominates the list of the best seaside resorts in the world, with its majestic beach, also considered the best on the island. To this is added a turquoise lagoon, worthy of the most beautiful postcards, with beautiful sunsets to take as a souvenir. A paradise city where there are plenty of activities to do and sights to visit.

Watching and swimming with dolphins

Watching dolphin is one of the most popular activities of visitors in Mauritius. In this part of the island, the trip even allows visitors to swimming close to these exceptional animals. Le Morne has also a rich and breath-taking biodiversity, with a lagoon suitable for diving. The more adventurous can even extend the exploration in the surrounding area, to the famous Crystal Rock. Le Morne offers the opportunity to live a breath-taking experience, swimming alongside dolphins, during a Mauritian island excursion from Black River. For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, Le Morne offers a picturesque landscape that can be seen from its white sandy beaches. Around a barbecue lunch, by the sea, and while enjoying a sunbathing at an ideal temperature, Le Morne Peninsula offers an incredible views.

The ascent of Morne Brabant

Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2008, Le Morne Brabant is one of the most visited mountains in the south-west of Mauritius. Located on private property, this mountain is the pride of the island. It is one of the most preserved mountains in the territory. Ideal for a mountain bike ride with family or friends, Le Morne Brabant offers access to a vast habitat where a wide variety of endemic species can be found. . It is the only place where Trochetia Boutonania can still be observed in its natural environment. Located at an altitude of 556 m, the summit gives an unobstructed view of the entire Morne region. A place to discover during a hike, leading to the monument of the Slave which is at the foot of the mountain.

Laziness, surfing and scuba diving

Le Morne Brabant is bordered by a splendid tropical beach called Le Morne Beach. The ideal place to learn more about the history and culture of Mauritius. Spoiled by nature, Le Morne Beach has all the assets to please visitors: clear blue waters, silver sands and a beach conducive to all kinds of activities Mauritius (swimming, walking, diving, surfing or lounging) it is the perfect place to clear the mind and relax. It is also the ideal place to get acquainted with some family activities such as surfing or diving.

Kite surfing

From June to September, Le Morne is the meeting place for many kitesurfers. Very popular on the shores of Mauritius, kitesurfing is appreciated for its feeling of excitement provided by the speed. Pulled by a huge kite, the surfer has the impression of sailing freely across the ocean aboard a simple surfboard. Every year, Le Morne welcomes surfers of all levels on its turquoise waters. Even beginners can easily find their bearings, thanks to several training centres and kitesurfing schools.

Deep-sea fishing

Deep-sea fishing in Le Morne is a great way to discover the coastline of Mauritius. This is one of the most popular activities in this part of the Indian Ocean. On board is a cabin cruise ship, visitors can enter the fishing paradise and experience an exceptional adventure in Le Morne. Morning fishing is to be preferred, as it allows you to enjoy a beautiful day of family excursion Mauritius Island at sea. This is a great opportunity for amateurs to learn how to catch big fish, under the benevolent gaze of a professional crew. When the weather is mild and the fishing conditions are favourable, it is even possible to practice other activities such as swimming, diving or even a stopover for lunch.

The golf club “Paradise

A meeting place for golfers around the world, the “Le Paradis” golf club is located on Le Morne Peninsula, on the southwest coast of Mauritius. This superb golf course of 6,000 m x 72 m is exceptionally beautiful. It winds along the iconic Le Morne Mountain and borders the shores of a spectacular bay. This path is distinguished by its 9 rear holes which extend along the coast. The 16th hole, the most delicate, is on the right side of the lagoon, with a large water obstacle on the left. Considered one of the best golf courses in Mauritius, Le Paradis is open to residents of the hotel of the same name.



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