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Mauritian gastronomy in the heart of Moka, Mauritius

Mauritius bewitches the traveller with its mixed gastronomy, the fruit of its ethnic diversity from India, Africa, Asia and Europe. The traditional Mauritian cuisine is colourful, spicy and tasty. It has managed to keep its gestures of yesteryear to prepare its specialities. 

For example, the curry rock which allows the spices to be crushed and which, according to the ancients, gives a better taste to Mauritian dishes when used for preparations. Some typical recipes are handed down from generation to generation, thus perpetuating “grandmother’s” cooking for the greatest pleasure of fine palates.

poudre a curry ile Maurice

It is this Mauritian cuisine of the past that Ti chevrette wanted to serve at her table in a rural setting at the foot of the Moka mountains. This restaurant is ideal to discover the Mauritian culture and its mixed culture through its Creole dishes with the flavours and scents of the islands. Mauritius invites you to a festival of aromas with a variety of local products such as its carry, vanilla, ginger, victoria pineapple, coconuts, brèdes, achards, fish and octopus…Awaken your senses!

ti chevrette. moka ile maurice

Discovery of the Ti Chevrette restaurant, in Moka, Mauritius

Laurent, the children and I have just come back from the ascent of Le Pouce mountain. It’s noon and we are hungry after our efforts. We had heard about this new Mauritian restaurant in Moka, which offers Mauritian dishes of yesteryear, a traditional and typical cuisine. We had to go there. Moreover, the Ti Chevrette restaurant being on the road to the Thumb Mountain, this lunch stop is welcome.

vue ti chevrette. moka ile maurice

Arrival at the mauritian restaurant, with typical recipes

We go down a fairly narrow alley and arrive at a green and open site, away from the noise. We are surrounded by nature, a river flows in front of the restaurant and a superb view of the Moka range delights us. A car park allows us to park easily. We enter the restaurant’s garden where kiosks lined up with their tables are nicely arranged.

Raphael ti chevrette. moka ile maurice
entree ti chevrette. moka ile maurice

We are greeted by a smiling waiter. He accompanies us to our table under a kiosk.

On the right, in the restaurant, there is a lounge where you can relax and have your coffee. Before settling down at the table, the comfortable benches are also a charming place to take an aperitif. The bright lounge looks like a veranda.

salon ti chevrette. moka ile maurice

 The Ti Chevrette restaurant: A Mauritian old-fashioned cuisine

We take a seat under one of the small kiosks in the shade. The weather is great. Laurent and the children have a tamarind juice, and I have a rose iced tea. It’s delicious. After the effort, the comfort, the ascent of the Pouce mountain has opened our appetite. The menu offers a wide selection of starters and dishes, some of which are vegetarian.

a table! ti chevrette. moka ile maurice
menu ti chevrette. moka ile maurice

We choose a Ti Chevrette rougaille and a chicken and shrimp curry, served with faratas. When ordering a Mauritian dish, you should expect to have several dishes on the table. Yummy! Nice Mauritian typical cuisine!

But what is a farata and a Mauritian rougaille?

Farata is an emblematic galette of Mauritius. Round and flat, made from wheat flour, it is very popular with the locals. Farata replaces bread. Inside, you put your carry with rougail and satini. Rolled, it is generally eaten with the fingers. To cook it, you use a tawa, a thick round cast iron plate that keeps the heat well. It is eaten hot.

Rougaille is a Creole dish where the basic ingredient is the tomato or the pomme d’amour. This dish is very tasty. Chevrette is a small river shrimp. So the rougaille of Ti chevrette is a dish based on tomato and small shrimps.

Laurent distributes the faratas. We take a little bit of everything on our plate and mix the tastes and flavours. The rougaille on one side of the farata and the chicken and shrimp curry on the other. It’s delicious. The flavours of the sea and the land blend well. The spicy notes are particularly noticeable in the carry with masala powder. It’s excellent. 

carats ti chevrette. moka ile maurice
dejeuner ti chevrette. moka ile maurice
curry ti chevrette. moka ile maurice
lentille ti chevrette. moka ile maurice

Sweet Potato cake, my favorite dessert: A must of the Mauritian cuisine !

We ask for the dessert menu and choose a plate of sweet potato cakes. I love it! 

gateau ti chevrette. moka ile maurice

The sweet potato cakes come hot and crunchy. This sweet Mauritian speciality is especially offered during the Divali festival. No one can resist its taste! Shaped like a bootie, it contains sweet potato, grated coconut and is flavoured with cardamom. Wow, it’s delicious. We order a small espresso to round off this delicious meal and go and sit in the small indoor lounge with our coffees.

patate et coco ti chevrette. moka ile maurice
cafe ti chevrette. moka ile maurice

We had a great time at the Ti Chevrette restaurant in this relaxing setting in Moka. Our taste buds adored its traditional recipes of Mauritian gastronomy. We will be back!

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