What activities can you do during your holidays at Heritage le Telfair, Bel Ombre?

Well-being and relaxation at Heritage Le Telfair

As holidays are also synonymous with letting go, and above all, with relaxation, we asked ourselves what is the best activities to do during our stay in Heritage Le Telfair ? This five-star hotel has the answer: take care of yourself, your body and your mind with lots of well-being and relaxation activities. Being fully convinced, Laurent and I have therefore tested the wellness and relaxation treatments at Wellness Seven Colours spa, which include osteopathy, massage, yoga, Forest Bathing. 

Entrusting your body to osteopathy, an wellness activity to do in Heritage Le Telfair

It’s most unusual to find an osteopath in a hotel, but what a great idea!  Heritage Le Telfair offers its customers a wide range of services of all kinds, and this contributes to their excellent reputation. 

Inside the 2,500m2 Balinese style Wellness Pavilion and Spa, with its pools and beautiful gardens, we meet Gregory, the osteopath. He explains us in detail the causes of the various blockages in the body. Thus, the cause of severe migraines in some people is often related to the fact that the 2nd cervical is “locked” following a tensed muscle, causing a chain reaction. Another example is someone who clenches his teeth too tightly, often because of stress. This can then cause a torticollis, involuntary contracture, tonic and incohercible neck muscles. The solution is not necessarily to be manipulated, but perhaps to put the neck at rest by wearing a neck restraint collar (neck brace) in order to remove this pressure phenomenon from the jaw. I find all his examples and explanations very clear. Often we do not know enough about our body and we tend to apply remedies that can only aggravate the pain. I found Gregory very professional and interesting to listen at.

Once we have understood the values and benefits of osteopathy we are invited to a fitness session. Laurent is the first to be manipulated, followed by me. This new experience in the expert hands please us a lot and we both come out of this osteopathic session at Heritage Le Telfair extremely relaxed and as if refurbished! This 5 stars hotel offers various wellness activities to do during your stay.

Peace and inner balance during a yoga break… such a nice activity to do…

With Raphael and Victor, we then practice our first family yoga class on the beach near the C Beach Club. We take the opportunity, along the way, to take some pictures of the children wearing shorts from the famous Mauritian brand Aqua Swimwear and sunglasses from the Mauritian brand Helios. They seem delighted to play this game. 

Shorts of the Mauritian brand AQUA swimwear
Sunglasses of the Mauritian brand HÉLIOS

Arrived in front of the C Beach Club we have the good surprise to discover that we will be only 5 participants. Being a little early, I engage conversation with Karine Kleb who gives me a brief about her concept of holistic Hatha.

” This treatment saved my life because I was born with a genetic disease and the doctors said I would not survive. My mother and grandmother then decided to take over, in parallel with modern medicine. They quickly understood that a good diet, combined with correct breathing, remain the best remedy. When you are on a hospital bed, correct breathing helps a lot to overcome the pain. When I was 20 years old, the teacher who was teaching me told me that I would never turn 40, that I would never have children and that I should not have great professional ambitions. After crying a lot, I decided to focus on what my mother and grandmother taught me and I got out…”

We really enjoyed this family activity in Heritage Le Telfair, which allowed us to share a moment of peace with Karine who, through her testimony, gave us an excellent lesson of way of life. Yoga is a nice activity to do during your stay in the hotel.

Forest Bathing, at the discovery of nature

For our last morning at Heritage Le Telfair, we decide to experience the Forest Bathing, an immersion in the forest atmosphere. The goal is to go into nature and connect with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. 

” Go into a forest, walk slowly, take a deep breath, open all your senses. It is the way to heal from Shinrin-yoku forest therapy. “

Developed in Japan in the 1980s, this therapy has become the cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Over the past decades, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the many benefits of this new therapy, such as: improved immune system function, reduced stress and blood pressure, improved sleep, increased energy levels, in short, a significant improvement in our condition. It is also recognized that green is one of the most nuanced colours that humans can distinguish and it is a colour linked to a primary reflex that relaxes, and releases anti-stress hormones. Humans come from the forest and it is really our natural element.

Before closing this chapter we meet the Heritage master Reiki, who tells us; “when we do Forest Bathing we can feel some of the energies that are all around us. In the environment, we have the positive and the negative. Vetiver is, for example, a plant that absorbs a lot of negative energies”.

Mauritius can be proud to be among the few countries that have understood the value of this therapy. Heritage Le Telfair, convinced of the numerous benefits of this therapy already offers it to its clients.

The different experiences proposed

The Wellness Nature Experience of Heritage Telfair is the embodiment of up to date specialized care provided in respect of the environment. Bel Ombre is the ideal place to discover the deep healing experience that is found in our natural world, from the sea to the forest. Heritage Le Telfair, always eager to providing its customers with maximum comfort and well-being, offers a whole range of services à la carte or included in the Wellnes Bliss package, which gives the right to a personalised wellness experience per day. Unique activities offer at Heritage Le Telfair.

In addition to the consultation with the osteopath and Forest Bath mentioned above, Seven Colours Spa offers the Beauty Bar treatment rituals, allowing you to enjoy several treatments, body massage, scrub, facial, Spa associated according to a selected theme. This treatment is suitable for families with children, pregnant women or golfers.  Let yourself be guided by a distant region of the world, its medicinal specialities and its perfumes, to live a unique and unforgettable experience of pure well-being!

In addition, and in order to mobilize mind and body for a complete well-being, Seven Colours also offers, in groups or in private, yoga, tai chi, qi-gong, pilates and meditation classes in its Wellness Sanctuary.


We really enjoyed this moment of relaxation by disconnecting from our busy world and connecting with nature.  The purpose of the Forest Bath experience was to allow us to use our senses to feel the vibrations of the forest and the energies it has to bring us. We made a long walk through the reserve with observation stops. We also discovered a small waterfall and its friendly sound of water flowing through the rocks. This moment of walking in the middle of the woods gave us a feeling of inner peace and serenity. However, it is clear that in order to benefit fully from the advantages of this therapy, it is essential to learn how to walk, how to breathe, how to observe effectively and how to immerse yourself in nature to better recharge your batteries. And this cannot be learned overnight… 

All reconnected, relaxed, we return to the Heritage Le Telfair hotel to conclude our Wellness experience with a 45-minute back, neck and shoulder massage at the Seven Colors Experiences Spa, with relaxing oil.

I discover a splendid spa, particularly well designed and offering a high quality service. It is certainly one of the best in Mauritius.

Heritage Le Telfair rightly deserves its five stars with regard to quality, equipment, service and diversified care: a must try during your holiday in Mauritius!

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