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Discover Mauritius island by the sea

A trip in a catamaran with our friends in holidays in Mauritius

Our friends Pierre and Anne-Sophie, asked us what to do during their holidays in Mauritius. We therefore proposed them what are, in our opinion, the top 10 activities to do in Mauritius. This list is the one that seemed to us to be the most diversified in order to enable them to discover the different aspects of Mauritius.
You will find at the end of the article the TOP 10 activities to do in Mauritius with family or friends and with Laurent as your guide

Our friends followed our advice and have under taken a number of excursions in our company, but which of these activities shall I talk about?

Le Catamaran, une première pour les enfants

Well, of course, I have opted for the catamaran’s trip to Île aux Cerfs, which is one of the most popular destinations in Mauritius. For this excursion with our family and friends, we chose Catamaran Cruises Mauritius, Catamaran Cruises Mauritius, for which we were the guests.

We left Roche-Noires, where we stay, at 7:15 am in order to be at Pointe-Jérôme for the departure at 9:00 am. Unfortunately, the sun was a little sulky on that day: It’s the typical whim of tropical climates, but it didn’t affect our good mood. There were seventeen of us out for the trip onthat day. A small wooden pirogue picked us up at the pontoon to take us to our catamaran. Once on board, we removed our savates (flip-flops), and hop, we are all on the catamaran for our day at Île aux Cerfs, Mauritius.  We were welcomed on board by the skipper who gave us a briefing on how to proceed.  A small coffee, a tea with milk (Mauritian tradition since the time of English colonization) and a delicious cake were served to the delight of the children. We cast off and here we go…

What about the catamaran and its space on board?

I was amazed by the space available on the catamaran.  We never felt the fact of being seventeen people on board. There are two lounge areas with a sitting area and a table, which can easily accommodate six or seven people. There are also very comfortable benches at the back and a huge space at the front to enjoy the sun.

By the way, it is highly recommended to all those on holiday in Mauritius Island to protect themselves from the sun adequately: protective sunscreen, lycra or t-shirt, even in case of cloudy weather. You don’t have to ruin your vacation with nasty sunburn!

We were still very happy not to be more crowded on the catamaran, which can take up to 30 people on board. The cleanliness of the boat is impeccable and it is not only pleasant, but also reassuring! 

The children had enough space to act as pirates. They even allowed themselves to dive from the boat into the turquoise and warm sea. It must be said that children are kingson these kinds of outings! The crew, for its part, is very welcoming, very kind and attentive to the passengers’ every need. It is a good example ofthe warm welcome and kindness of the Mauritian people.

I discovered that to get off the boat, you have to go forward and down the stairs to the lower level. Very practical and reassuring, especially when you are accompanied by children or elderly people! As a result, even people with reduced mobility can easily get off the boatand back on boardwithout really getting wet and without having to be helped. 

All the elements were present to make a beautiful family cruise and visit Île aux Cerfs.

The landscape: a superb emerald lagoon with a panoramic view over the mountains…

We really enjoyed the crossing in the calm waters of the Mauritian lagoon with a magnificent view of the mountains in the southeast of the island. The contrast between the different shades of green of the sugar-cane fieldsand valleysand the blue of these transparent waters is admirable. The relief is not very high but these valleys and curves are spectacular seen from the sea! At this time of the year, the cane fields in bloom give the effect of a pink veil, caressed by the wind… It’s magical!

We finally arrived at Île aux Cerfs. 

The catamaran crew drop us off on the beach of Île aux Cerfs. The weather remains cloudy but a light blue sky is beginning to emerge. 

Île aux Cerfs is an islet very popular with both Mauritians and vacationers. It is the perfect opportunity for a small boat trip on a huge fish-filled lagoon with an arrival on this fine sandy tongue from where you can have an excellent view of Mauritius. Île aux Cerfs is also famous for hosting one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world on a small island; enthusiasts are informed! With its eighteen holes by seventy-two and an absolutely exceptional view of the emerald or turquoise lagoons of the East coast. L’île aux Cerfs is a must for golf lovers.

Discover Île aux Cerfs, Mauritius

The island is tiny and can be visited in no time, but it is really well designedfor holidaymakers: straw huts, deckchairs, bars…

It is also the ideal place to practice a large variety ofwater sports. Be careful: the place is very touristic, so don’t be surprised when you arrive to see the crowded beaches. L’île aux Cerfs also offers, in less frequented corners, a certain intimacy to those who wish it!

In case you are here to get your tan on the beach and relax in the turquoise water, I advise you to move away from the landing area which is very busy and where are the souvenir shops, restaurants and deck chairs, as well as the different service providers for all the activities offered on the island. To find a quiet and peaceful area with some privacy, simply walk along the beach, there are plenty of small heavenly places with transparent coves. 

You can also cross the stream that separates Île aux Cerfs from Isle Mangénie (the island just opposite) to feel like Robinson on a tiny island… The lagoon is magnificent: treat yourself!

On the other hand, if you are looking for sporting activities to do in Mauritius you have the choice between parasailing, the donut towed by a boat, walking underwater, kayaks, paddles, parachutes, climbing, tree climbing or even playing golf: the choice adapts to your desire, but not necessarily to your budget. Everything is there to make you spend a fun time with family or friends in Mauritius. Above all, go see the giant turtles that are on the island!

As for us, we came to experience a catamaran trip, and to introduce our friends on holiday to Île aux Cerfs and have a good time, in peace, on thenear-byMangénie islet. Obviously we have not missed the exotic cocktail served in one of the beach restaurants before going to lie down on the beach. The children had a great time in this shallow turquoise water separating the two islands.

After a little over an hour on the spot, it is time to go back to our catamaran…

The festivities continue on board

As we get back on the catamaran, a good smell of grilled meats awaits us. Chicken and sausages grilled on a barbecue, accompanied by a mixed salad are waiting for us. A meal that Mauritians love and which is particularly suitable for a catamaran trip. We were all hungry and the cookdidn’t have to implore usto sit down andeat. 

Discovery of Grande Rivière Sud Est

During the meal, the catamaran resumed its journey towards the Grande Rivière Sud-Est to allow us to admire the waterfall at the mouth of the longest river in Mauritius. It is an opportunity to discover the fauna, and in particular the bats and the tail straws, the bird emblem of Air Mauritius, the national airline with its all-white planes and a unique long red feather at the back. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any closer to the waterfall because the space is limited and it is difficult to manoeuvre the catamaran. It’s a pity because the waterfall is splendid and it seems that small sharks live there: shivers guaranteed….

We had a great time watching the little monkeys of Mauritius, moving joyfully from tree to tree, making high-pitched cries. They are not very shy and come close enough to come and get bread. They are crunchy with their eyes widening and their eyebrows rising: it seems they wonder what to think of us humans… Our friends on holiday in Mauritius weredelighted to see monkeys in their natural environment!

All of us, get into the water!

We ended our journey with one of the children’s favourite activities, namely snorkelling. With mask and snorkel, we all jump into the water happily.  We discovered the underwater life of this lagoon and fed the fish. The small fish were not very shy and came to eat the bread almost in our hands. You can make great pictures if you have an Insta account! Our friends on holiday were just as excited as the children.

In short, a day that our friends on holiday in Mauritius really enjoyed, just like us!

The TOP 10 of the activities to do in Mauritius with family or friends!

As marine activities to be carried out in Mauritius, we selected:

  1. A day trip by  catamaran à l’île aux Cerfs and the Grande Rivière Sud-est waterfall.
  2. A day trip by catamaran to Plate Island and Gabriel Island.
  3. A day at l’île aux Bénitiers and swimming with dolphins.

As land-based activities to to in Mauritius, we recommended:

  1. The discovery of exotic places around Mauritius by electric bike with Laurent as guide. Electro-Bike Discovery proposes a number of outings including the visit of Souillac with lunch at an inhabitant’s house or the historical visit of Mahebourg and its surroundings with a visit to local craftsmen.
  2. The ascent of the Morne mountain.
  3. The discovery of Chamarel: land of seven colours, Chamarel rum distillery and a must-see visit to the small village with its traditional products. This can be effected by by electric bikes guided tour.
  4. The discovery of the Grand Bassin, a holy place for Hindus.
  5. The discovery of China Town and the Bazaar of Port-Louis with Laurent. It is true that Laurent is an excellent guide, passionate, who knows how to transmit the love of his island to friends on holiday as well as to Mauritians.
  6.  Visit the tea fields and the tea museum in Bois-Chéri.
  7. Visit the Sugar Adventure Museum and the famous Pamplemousses Garden.  Electro-Bike Discovery also proposes a comprehensive guided tour of the Northern part of the island which includes these two sites.



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