The hotel Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa with family

A stay on the north coast of Mauritius

This time, for our blog, we took a few days getaway to one of the most family-friendly hotels of Beachcomber Group: Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa. 

Victoria Resort & Spa.

The choice of this 4-star hotel has attracted our attention for its conviviality and its comfortable and spacious rooms.
Laurent and I have already stayed in several of the Beachcomber group’s accommodations (The Cannonier Hotel, The Paradise Hotel, The Mauricia Hotel, The Dinarobin Hotel), but this is our first family vacation at the Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa.

hotel Victoria Resort & Spa.

The hotel is ideally located halfway between Grand Bay and Port-Louis, the capital and promises sublime sunset, unique and privileged moments to live in Mauritius with the family. 

Like all Beachcomber Group properties, the Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa Hotel overlooks a fine white sand beach and a turquoise lagoon. An ideal place to sunbathe under the tropical sun in the shade of coconut trees. The children are welcome; they are happy to play on the beach and collect shells. We have opted for the half board formula. The Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa also offers the all-inclusive package.

vue Victoria Resort & Spa.


Our arrival at this 4-star hotel on the North-West coast

The hotel check-in is scheduled for 2:00 pm. We arrive on time to discover the place and look forward to spending a few days with our little wolves. In Mauritius, it is the winter school holidays (summer school holidays in Europe); we could free ourselves in the middle of the week.
We are greeted with a smile and, a refreshment is offered to us in a small cosy lounge with beautiful murals. 

drink Victoria Resort & Spa.

A large library allows hotel guests to have access to a wide selection of books left by previous visitors during their stays. I discover books or authors I never thought I’d buy. 

books Victoria Resort & Spa.

We are ready to settle into our Deluxe ground floor room and finally be able to relax, rest and recharge.

Our family Deluxe room on the ground floor

We are pleasantly surprised by our spacious and air-conditioned family bedroom of 60 M2 with two large comfortable double beds. The children throw themselves on the white bedding in cocooning mode. 

room Victoria Resort & Spa.

Mustard yellow touches bring light and warmth to the room. Each room of the hotel is equipped with a flat-screen TV. The decoration is simple and refined with a stunning view of the flowered garden. 

The room overlooks the beach and the sea. On the terrace on the ground floor, a small shaded lounge allows us to admire both this tropical nature and the beauty of the lagoon.

We quickly unpack our suitcases, put on our swimming suit and head for the pool because the children are eager to splash around.

hotel Victoria Resort & Spa.

Hop! On the way to discover the hotel pool

The weather is a little grey. It’s winter in Mauritius, for me 23 degrees with this cool breeze… I must admit I’m cold!  Laurent and I prefer to sit on the small terrace with a coffee. The pool will be for another day… With the free and accessible Wi-Fi within the hotel, I will work remotely. 

pool Victoria Resort & Spa.

The children throw themselves into the water, jump, splash in great bursts of laughter. There are many children in the hotel, compulsory school holidays! The hotel Victoria resort & spa is a privileged address for families looking for rest in a relaxed atmosphere. The hotel has been named in recent years the best family hotel in the Indian Ocean!

pool Victoria Resort & Spa.

Dinner at Le Superbe restaurant

We are witnessing a beautiful sunset over the sea. As soon as it sinks into the horizon, the weather cools down. It’s time to get ready for dinner at Le Superbe restaurant. We move quickly to change in our lovely family room.  

We are invited to take part in the management cocktail near the main bar. We begin the conversation with the Director of the Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa, Mr Rico Paoletti. We have already met him on our electric bike rides. Raphaël talks to the manager of sports activities. The ‘canapés’, which accompany our aperitif, are delicious. 

management cocktail Victoria Resort & Spa.

Victor, exhausted by his day in the open air, went to sleep on a couch. Sunset makes the light red / orange. 

After these friendly exchanges, we dine at the main restaurant of the hotel Le Superbe. A varied buffet, dedicated to the theme of the sea but still typical of Mauritius, awaits us for our half-board formula. The waiters are welcoming. Calamari for Laurent and fish for me and the children. We eat too much as usual! The choice of dishes is wide, there is something for every taste. Do you know Mauritian gastronomy? 

diner Victoria Resort & Spa.

It is 21h00 and music begins, introducing the evening show with various Mauritian artists. But the children are tired, we go to sleep.

hotel by night Victoria Resort & Spa.


Victor celebrates its 7th anniversary at the hotel Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa

We get up at 7 a.m. It’s Victor’s birthday, he’s 7 years old today. We’re getting ready for breakfast. This is the moment that I prefer when we stay in hotels during our family holidays, I especially appreciate the English breakfast. We sit on a table by the pool, always at the restaurant Le Superbe with a magnificent view of the beach, the lagoon and the coastline.  ?

breakfast Victoria Resort & Spa.
coffee Victoria Resort & Spa.
breakfast Victoria Resort & Spa.

What a pleasure to drink your coffee in an idyllic tropical setting in Mauritius. The children have already served themselves.

Chilling for adults and mini club for children

I set up on a deckchair under a small straw kiosk with a book ? chosen from the hotel’s library the night before. It’s sunny.  All the deckchairs are lined up in order. I’m still not motivated to go swimming. 

sea Victoria Resort & Spa.

Children head to the hotel’s mini club where playgrounds are dedicated to them.  Each activity is adapted to the child’s age. On the program, dodgeball, followed by a badminton game. 

mini club Victoria Resort & Spa.

Raphaël plays with a little English boy even if they have trouble understanding each other.
The children have lunch at the mini club with the other children at the hotel. 

mini club Victoria Resort & Spa.

We will have lunch on our side at the hotel bar where the children are joining us. Victor brings us a gift he received from the Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa Mini Club for his birthday. ?
We have a drink to his health and order our sandwich. Delicious!

birthday Victoria Resort & Spa.
drink Victoria Resort & Spa. hotel

Water sports at the Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa Hotel

We go to the hotel’s nautical club and discover several nautical activities to do during your stay in Mauritius: paddle, kayak, laser, pedal boat, windsurf, as well as water skiing, wakeboard and Mono-ski, and snorkeling. 

boat house Victoria Resort & Spa.

Boat trips with glass bottom are organized during the day to observe the small fishes ? of the Mauritian lagoon. Mauritius is renowned for its turquoise lagoon, coconut trees, and fine white sand beaches.

Nautical activities are therefore a must-do during your holidays in Mauritius. In summer, the water temperature can reach 28°C, and in winter 22°C. In summer, we spend our time in the water, it’s so nice to cool down and have fun with the kids. 

Raphaël wants to try a new water sport: water skiing, it is his first time. Laurent and I already practice several water sports, and Victor is still young for water skiing or the Wake Board. 

ski Victoria Resort & Spa.

He is super excited. He makes the first round at the helm, to understand the position and know how to balance.

ski and boat Victoria Resort & Spa.

In the second round, Laurent suggests that he do it directly with the rope (The “palonnier”). Surprisingly, he goes out directly and makes a path without falling. Well… he doesn’t stand up yet, but don’t ask too much…hihi. He looks a bit like a crab on his skis. ?

ski Victoria Resort & Spa.  hotel

A diner at the Italian restaurant La Casa

We are ready for dinner, we take our time and visit the hotel gardens at sunset, the light is beautiful. 

hotel Victoria Resort & Spa.

We order a glass of dew from the bar at Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa hotel of the Beachcomber group and enjoy this moment between dog and wolf where colors are enhanced to admire this show.   

Then we go to the hotel’s Italian restaurant, La Casa. The setting is beautiful with its “ravenal” ceiling and its yellow Vespa at the entrance. The walls are lined with black and white illustrations of Italy. It feels like Rome! To us the dolce vita!!!! 

drink hotel Victoria Resort & Spa.
pool hotel Victoria Resort & Spa.

The tables are lit with candlelight creating a cosy atmosphere and giving a charm both chic and tropical. We choose a table near the beach.

We ask to see the menu. The menu comprises a starter, a main course, and a dessert. As a starter, we are tempted by grilled vegetables, beef carpaccio, and mozzarella tomato. Then we crave for beef ravioli. A pure delight! And we end up with a chocolate touch with the chocolate fondant.

The Victoria Resort & Spa Hotel of the Beachcomber group did not forget Victor’s birthday and prepared a little surprise for him. 

When we hear the “ravanes” * and we see singers approaching us, we understand that it is for him. Victor is in heaven.
Happy birthday in song and a beautiful cake with fireworks candles, whoa! Everyone applauds in the restaurant! What an atmosphere! 

cake birthday Victoria Resort & Spa.

We spent a wonderful evening at La Casa and go to sleep with a smile on our lips.

* Ravane : A typical Mauritian instrument used in “sega” which is like a tambourine made of goatskin.


To prepare for an excursion to Port-Louis

We have to leave in the morning because we have a lot of work ahead of us. Laurent needs to organize a  walking tour in the streets of Port-Louis for the next day for Mauritian customers. No respite from our company  Explore Nou Zil. ?

sea Victoria Resort & Spa.
aqua short Victoria Resort & Spa.

We’re having breakfast, light this time! 

Raphaël wants to go back for a water ski tour at the Beachcomber group’s Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa. It is with great pleasure that we bring him. We are so delighted that this nautical sport pleases him. 

The boat speeds up, and it comes out of the water directly and feels more and more comfortable. Proud of him, he starts again.

sea Victoria Resort & Spa.
Short of the Mauritian brand AQUA SWINWEAR

Chiling at the beach

The weather is super nice, we enjoy this dream beach of fine sand for the laziness. The lagoon sparkles with the sun forming a string of small silver balls on the surface. 

sea vue Victoria Resort & Spa.

We head near the rocks with the children in front of the hotel looking for small fishes and shells. The children are so happy. 

shell Victoria Resort & Spa.

Victor digs in the sand to see if he can find teck-teck (a sort of mini clam). Nothing. 

A few small fishes pass between our legs. They go so fast that the children cannot catch them!

fish Victoria Resort & Spa.

At noon, the lagoon takes on its most beautiful colors, this blue that we see on the postcards is very real. Unfortunately, it’s already time to leave the hotel, we have to pack our belongings and leave our pretty Deluxe ground floor room. What a pleasure to share precious moments with family.

dad and sons Victoria Resort & Spa.
kids Victoria Resort & Spa.

See you soon, Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa hotel!!
Book your stay in advance if you want to stay at Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa hotel during your future trip to Mauritius.
Enjoy a holiday where activities adapted to the whole family will be a success. And, choose the package that suits you the best!

hotel Victoria Resort & Spa.



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