What to do in Chamarel, Mauritius?

Located between the Black River department and the Savanne department, Chamarel is a small village emblematic of Mauritius. This area is known for its rustic atmosphere and cool breeze. It is also one of the least populated areas of the island. The western hills provide a beautiful backdrop to this hamlet, home to one of the planet’s most beautiful geological discoveries, the Seven Coloured Earths. Chamarel is the ideal stop to visit the Black River Gorges National Park. A circuit to which is naturally added a detour on Le Chamarel Parc Aventure, a brand-new tourist attraction in the region. Chamarel also serves as a starting point for the Ganga Talao, a Hindu pilgrimage. Several other possibilities are also available to visitors in the surrounding area.

chamarel lands of the seven colors

Hiking in the Black River Gorges Park

This magnificent rainforest area welcomes visitors in search of a quiet place, far from the crowds of the beaches of Mauritius. The place is conducive to hiking and a family excursion in Mauritius in an abundant nature. The black river gorges national park is accessible from Pétrin or from Chamarel. A simple hike allows you to reach the summit. The less adventurous can opt for a bike ride in Mauritius along the ridge, between endemic trees, Chinese guava and exotic plants.

Discover Grand Bassin, the sacred lake

The Grand Basin is a crater lake located about 20 km from Chamarel. Built at an altitude of 550 meters above sea level, it is a place of prayer for the Hindus of Mauritius. It is a place that breathes serenity due to the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Hanuman and the Goddess Laxmi who are there. Hundreds of faithful regularly walk there barefoot. This place also hosts the celebration of the Hindu feast of Mahashivratri, a significant period of the temple, celebrated since 1897. From its 33 meters, the statue of the Hindu god Shiva, characterizes the Ganga Talo. This statue, erected on the same plane as the statue of Shiva of Lake Sursagar, in Vadodara, is the highest in Mauritius. It was baptized in 2007.

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The birds of the Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges National Park is the perfect place to carry out a birdwatching expedition during the holidays in Mauritius. This park is also home to a few rare endangered bird species. It’s the perfect place to watch birds in their natural habitat. A true paradise for lovers of Mauritian pink pigeons (endangered species), Echo parakeets, drones and black ebony. The park stretches over hundreds of kilometres of trails, offering breathtaking views. A guided tour allows you to enjoy a day of exceptional discovery. The place is also suitable for organizing an excursion in Mauritius with family or friends, under the magnificent songs of the native birds that live there.

The Chamarel Parc Adventure

Located beyond the southern part of Mauritius, the Chamarel Parc Adventure is a highlight of the hamlet. This park, nestled in a tropical forest, occupies an area of 12 hectares. It attracts many visitors every year thanks to its beautiful plank bridges, climbing nets and its ziplines. It is a great place to do many nature adventure activities. It is even one of the preferred places for companies to carry out team-building activities. It is also an ideal place for a family picnic.

Hike to Alexandra Falls

The Alexandra Falls Lookout is located on the road that crosses the Black River in Gorges National Park. These are particularly subtle waterfalls, enjoying a green setting. A must-see attraction of Mauritius. These 150-metre waterfalls are one of the most beautiful of the island, and secondarily the least explored also since they remained in their original state. From the heights of the Plaine Champagne to Chamarel, a small accessible trail leads to the edge of this impressive waterfall. The stunning view is just about 50 minutes’ walk, through narrow and muddy trails. Another way is to reach Alexandra Falls. Alexandra passes through bushes of Chinese guavas. Arriving at the top, an exceptional moment awaits visitors, with a breathtaking view of the Bel Ombre forest and the authentic seas of the south.

Hike in the Maccabee Forest

Nothing like a morning hike through a picturesque trail through the Maccabee forest to complete a holiday in Mauritius. Speculating on this peculiarity of Mauritius is the perfect opportunity to discover the best views of the island. Many possibilities of family activities and surprises await visitors along the way. This hike or mountain bike ride in Mauritius allows to observe among others, the parakeet Écho or even the pink pigeon. These two native birds of Mauritius are found exclusively in Black River National Park. An endangered species, now a real tourist asset for the country. Through a hiking route, the Black River can also be penetrated without difficulty. Even gourmets can enjoy a delicious lunch at a kiosk.

The house of illusion in Chamarel, the Curious Corner

Located in Baie Du Cap Rd in Chamarel, Chamarel’s House of Illusion is one of the highlights to visit in Mauritius. This gallery of interactive illusions and puzzles is worth a visit, just to live an incredible experience, full of adventures, in the heart of a house filled with amusing illusions. The Curious Corner is the place to visit to forget the stress and have a good time with your family. Chamarel’s Illusion House alone plunges visitors into a world of passion, entertainment and exceptional conviviality. The exterior décor and main attraction of this place are simply breathtaking. Inside, time goes by so fast that an hour seems to pass in a few seconds.

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